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Monday, November 23, 2009

Stress 'Tis the Season

My sister wanted me to write for this blog and talk about how grateful I am for things. When she asked me this I couldn't think of anything to write about except for the fact that I am grateful to be alive. However, the tragic and sad aspect of my life can be considered inspirational, but I didn't seem to go over in my head. Then I thought well I could write about my cat. Yes, I am a crazy cat lady and I love my cat dearly. So for a while I couldn't think of anything appropriate to write about! Then it came to me: giving gifts!

I love giving gifts and presents! Now mind receiving them is fun too, but not anywhere as fun as giving them. I will spend hours and hours looking and shopping and picking out several items before I land on the perfect gift for a person. Then I buy it and wrap it in a colorful paper or tidbits as I am poor. Then I start stressing over the present. I start thinking "Will they even like it?" "What if it's the wrong color?" "Is that the model they wanted?" "Do they already have this one, I thought it was the other one?" It is dreadful. I end up hating the whole process.

Then the day comes when you get to give this person the gift. They pick it up while you hold your breath waiting to see if they like it or give the stand by "That's nice." Which really means thanks for the re gift option. Then when they open the gift and they have the best look on their face or they squeal in excitement or hug it to their chest and don't let anyone else see what it is, because they like it so much! That is the best part of my holiday! Bringing other people happiness in such a small thing!

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