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Sunday, November 15, 2009

My gratefulness

It is difficult for me to write about gratitude when I take so much for granted. The most recent example I can think of is my health.

For many years, 44 to be exact, I have lived a life free of any serious health problems. My blood pressure and cholesterol have always been well within a healthy range. I only take 2 daily prescriptions, both of which I could easily live without. Yet I have always taken my health for granted. My diet would make most wild animals puke. It is nothing for me to eat pizza and donuts in the same meal. I smoked for 24 years before stopping in 2004. Let's not forget my earlier years when I subjected my body to lethal doses of alcohol.

God has a funny way of calling in debts. In October of this year, He decided it was time for a reality check on my health. I fell seriously ill with the H1N1 virus. Yes it was a sucker punch that I could have done without. I can't remember ever feeling that sick in my life. When I felt I could easily over come this dreaded illness, I was treated to round 2: pneumonia in my left lung. Wow! I never saw that one coming. Round 3 would be pneumonia in my right lung as well.

Between October 2nd and October 16th, I quickly learned how much I have taken my health for granted. I was lying in the emergency room on oxygen feeling like I was getting ready to punch out on the time clock of life. My skin was gray and my nails were turning blue. With my daughter sitting at the side of my bed I started playing back all the good things in life I was getting ready to leave behind.

Through prayer and the miracles of health care I was treated and my good health was restored. All the things we take for granted can be taken away in such a short period of time. I am so grateful for even the smallest things in life. Things that I could quickly lose with a simple illness.

I have been blessed far more than I deserve.

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