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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Your Thoughts

So I asked my friends on Facebook what songs and music videos inspire them or just get them in a kick-ass mood.  I got quite the list...

"Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins. It's the song that can make anything cooler....anything!"
"Immediate Music- Inspiring, and it makes me feel like I have my own theme sons...
N'sync- Oh yes, I still listen to them and I'm not embarrassed, because it makes me feel nostalgic.
Appocolyptica- Again, ...very inspiring, an intense.
City and Colour- Usually only listen to it when I'm sad.
The Editors- A lot of their music is very touching for me.
Flobots- Very touching, very moving, and makes a lot of really good points.
Lady Sovereign- Just makes me feel cocky.
Mumford and Sons- They're just amazing all the way around!
Muse- Very moving, and the singer has a great voice.
Stephen Lynch- Always akes me laugh."
"You should look up Ray Lamontagne and the Pariah dogs if you haven't heard of them... They are my new fave."
"Oh,and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy! They're old school!"
 And that was only three people.  Seriously.  And I didn't even put everything on here.

 What songs put you in a great mood?

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